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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 17:42:26 +0200
Hello hehehe,

Seet the website of SpaceX at
There you can find all kind of info about the Starlinks.

Also a picture of the Starlink stack enclosed in one half of the fairing.

I used this picture and the dimensions of the fairing in the Falcon 9
to calculate the dimensions of the starlink sats.

The fairing has an outer diameter of 5,20 m and height of 6,90 m before the
nosecone starts.
The skin with the honeycomb is 0,27 m.
That leaves for the sats a space of 4.66 m.
The Starlinks are stacked 2 side by side and 15 layers high.

In this space fits a rectangle of 3,30 x 3.30 m, consisting of 2 sats.
So the length of the flatpanel sat is max 3.30 and de width max 1.65
Knowing these dimensions the height  of the sat can be estimated and is
around 0.08 m.

From an artist impression on the SpaceX site with the sats in orbit the
length of the solar
panel is between 15-16 m.

I hope my explanation is clear to you.

I don.t have info on the RCS snh reflective radiowise they are.
Perhaps some obdervers that do radio obs of sats can answer this.


Op di 21 apr. 2020 om 14:54 schreef hehehe--- via Seesat-l <>:

> Hi!
> How big are these starlink satellites, and how reflective radiowise?
> Is there a known RCS (radar cross section)?
> Where can I see detailed photos of a starlink sat?
> Greetings!
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