Bright Starlinks

From: Leo Barhorst via Seesat-l <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2020 14:24:02 +0200
Hello list,

Adding my part of the story.
Last night I imaged the Sarlinks marco, Ted, Tristan and other saw; see my
report of last nights obs.
The fov of the camera is 7.4 x 4.4 degrees. With this small fov the orbit
plane moves through the fov very rapidly.
Between 20:24 and 20:30 UT five starlinks passed the fov from right to left
and the tracks moved
slowly from the bottom to the top of the fov.
Four Starlinks were image between 20:34 and 20:36. In between 39232, 13
043A made a pas from bottom to top.
The Starlinks were much brighter than the other Starlinks I have seen.

Later this night at 02:48 Starlink 20 006A made a pass.

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