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STS-41-B (launch) / STS-51-A (retrieve): Palapa B-2 and Westar 6

There were some on-orbit repairs where the satellite was redeployed after the repair.

Both Palapa B-2 and Westar 6 were commercial communication satellites, that ended up in wrong, useless orbits through their boosters misfiring. They were recovered for refurbishing, resold to other parties and put in orbit again.

Jay Respler
Monroe Township, New Jersey

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Hi all,

Most Centaur rockets have always been steady(according to my own
observations) but I was surprised to see 07-60B/32379 as a nice regular
varying object with a period of about 23s.  I think I will follow this
object to see it's future flash behaviour.  Maybe this has already been

Another object, is the Landsat 4 satellite(82-72A/13367), no exact period
measured but around 30s with sharp and round maxima.  In my old records I
had a notice written that this satellite did have a mechanism to be
retrieved by the Space Shuttle.  Well, it is too late for that, but only
one satellite I think has ever been retrieved and re-launched I remember.

Tristan Cools
Belgian Working Group Satellites.
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