OTV-5 pass directly overhead lastnight April 25

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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 14:00:52 -0600
Last evening Denis Boucher and I caught a look at the Mini-shuttle as it traversed 
the sky from  approx 10:58:14 when it passed close by Zeta Taurii  until 11:00 when 
it passed the bowl of the Big Dipper and was occulted by the apartments above us.
I followed it the  whole time in my 8" F/6 using a 32mm plossl EP --FOV 1.3°. Denis 
was using my 10 X 50 binos at the start then switched to 1X as it brightened 
significantly. I estimate it at ~ mag 6 when first seen and Denis estimated mag 3 
to 3.5 as it passed the Big Dipper.
Located: Long 113.5254 W ,  Lat 53.5423 N		Edmonton, Alberta

Larry Wood

On 2018-04-25 3:46 PM, Edmonton Astronomy Discussion list wrote:
> The secret Mini-shuttle will make a pass directly overhead tonight. At 11:00 pm it 
> will pass close by the star Dubhe in the Big Dipper.  Begin by sighting on Merak, 
> go the Dubhe then 17 arc-minutes further is where the satellite should pass at 11:00.
> Observers are reporting it to be as bright as +2 mag and it is moving slightly 
> faster than the ISS.
> Larry
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