Re: Centaur tumble(2007-27B/31702)

From: Chris Jones via Seesat-l <>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2017 17:08:24 -0400
On 04/03/17 4:46 PM, Tristan Cools via Seesat-l wrote:

> Has someone recently oberved 2007-27B/31702, an Atlas second stage
> Centaur rocket ?  At the time of launch it under-performed placing a
> NOSS duo in a lower than intended orbit.  I presume there must be
> some fuel left over.

Given the Centaur's propellants (LH2 and LOX), I would be surprised if
either of those had lasted 10 years, even without any attempt to
passivate the the stage.  The RCS uses a hydrazine monopropellant, which
could probably survive if it weren't dumped (the Wikipedia article says
340 pounds are carried, split between two bladder tanks).

Since I expect they would have attempted to dump the propellants, if
that were successful, there shouldn't be propellants left over.

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