"Camera flash" flares?

From: Greg Williams K4HSM via Seesat-l <seesat-l_at_satobs.org>
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 22:55:11 -0400
I'm wondering if anyone has been observing what appears to look like "camera flashes" in the sky that looks to be the sun's reflection off of a satellite body or solar panels, but it is real quick and catches your eye almost as if someone is taking a picture from up high and the camera flash is going off.

I've been seeing this phenomena off and on over the past several months but tonight I've seen at least 2 instances, the most recent from my location (Knoxville Tennessee) near the star Denebola, going west to east. At 10:30 Eastern time is when I observed it.

It's hard to get an exact bearing on direction because they appear so quick and sudden and by the time I notice what's going on it ends. Just as quick as I grab my binoculars the phenomenon stops. And I don't see anything in my binoculars, which further perplexes me.

I'm certain it's a satellite but I'm not sure what kind of satellite as they do not appear in the passes on Heavens-above or Calsky.

I am certain it's not an aircraft because there are no contrails or sound, and there's only one or two of these flashes before it stops and its usually around the area where the satellite would go into the Earth's shadow.

So am I just hallucinating or is there more going on than I'm aware? Aliens? Military? Cubesats?

Greg Williams
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