Re: 5919 Obs attempt of Cees' IGS8 objects

From: C. Bassa (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2013 - 10:36:28 UTC

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    Hi Bjorn,
    Thanks for these observations!
    Your 99165 and 99164 points match 99050/13596C best. The 99162 points
    match the orbit of 99046/13595A. In the case of the 99159 images
    things are less clear; I can fit circular orbits for both 99049 and
    99051, but the residuals are not great. This could mean it is in an
    eccentric orbit. We'll have to wait for more observations to be sure.
    Can you say anything about the optical behaviour of the objects or
    share the images? I only saw 99049 for a very small part of its orbit
    but it was steady in brightness. 99051 showed quite large variations;
    we may be able to use the optical behaviour to identify to which
    object your 99159 observations below.
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