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Date: Thu Apr 26 2012 - 07:35:50 UTC

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    Op 26-4-2012 3:42, DAVID DICKINSON schreef:
    > Dear Gang;
    >     Interesting article on the Brazil fireball and the Centaur rocket body reentry this weekend;
    > Thanks,
    > Dave Dickinson
    Highly unlikely. The object in question decayed 0.75 day earlier than the 
    fireball, at 01:23 UTC near 18N 161 E (so nowhere near Brazil in both time and 
    location) according to SSC.
    And even if parts would have remained in orbit longer: the orbital plane did not 
    cross over Brazil at the time of the fireball sighting. It crossed well north of 
    it, over Mexico and the Caribean.
    This therefore cannot have been that Centaur r/b.
    - Marco
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