NOSS 3-5 B & A Videos and more

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2012 - 23:09:32 UTC

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    While trying for some positions, which I will measure and post tomorrow, I
    had this NOSS pair as my final target. I intended to follow them across the
    sky to see what they cross and if it would make for a great video..
    I am very glad I did..
    This is with the PC164EX2 and a 50mm Camera lens.. Very roughly 5x7 deg FOV.
    Limiting mag of 9+ depending on spectral class.
    On my Gallery Page..
    on the bottom row..
    "NOSS_NearMiss" has the NOSS pair pass by a similar brightness (currently)
    unknown. Makes for a completely different kind of NOSS Triplet.. :-)
    But "NOSS_DoubleFlare" is awesome. It's, as usual, shaky.. More so because I
    exclaimed "Holy Cow! Look at it flare!" to Wifey.
    I managed to track and still glance up. It was Mars bright to my mind, but
    it was just a quick glance after looking for minutes at the bright TV. Could
    have been Regulus bright. Either way, it was plainly visible, just like an
    Iridium Flare. (Usually when I glance away from the Monitor, I can't see
    more than a handful of stars..)
    PS.. I missed FIA Radar 2. I had looked the night before and know I could
    catch it from the driveway. Naturally, I therefore setup next to my big
    scope in the front yard. Cassiopeia was in the trees and the sky was too
    bright to find anything else.. It was my first chance to see this one.. and
    I blew it all to heck..
    Didn't see SAR LUPE 1 +/- a minute to mag 8
    Have Lacrosse 5, SAR LUPE 4, USA 129, and the NOSS pair on tape and will
    send the observations tomorrow..
    I am beginning to find it a pain to not have home Internet service..
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