Now to try and fiqure out what that unid was

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2012 - 02:28:43 UTC

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    I had just used mars as a align point for my mount, and started to move the scope, and a short time later, I noticed a bright fast moving sat, which didn't show up in guide 8.
    In guide 8, I have it set to show where I am pointed, as I scan the sky, and set for real time mode. So as I scan, sateliites move across the screen, and there's a icon showing where I am pointed. So I can quickly id sat's, and follow them if they are nice, are in this case a possible unid.
    Only had a short view of this unid sat.
    At around 00:36:02 utc ( APR 2 ) it passed near a star located at
    Right ascension: 10h56m19.7535s
    Declination: -10 37' 30.103"
    Going in a east to west direction.
    The sat was at least mag 5.
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