Fw: [Atmob-discuss] Red fireballs tonight in Bolton?

From: George Roberts (gr@gr5.org)
Date: Sat Apr 30 2011 - 03:49:57 UTC

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    Were there any decays expected a few hours ago?  around April 30 0:00 UT 
    (don't know time but probably between 0UT and 1UT) in massachusetts
    I assume APT came down already?
    - George Roberts
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    Subject: [Atmob-discuss] Red fireballs tonight in Bolton?
    A friend called me a little while ago as he is in his Bolton backyard.... he 
    says he saw about 25 orange fireballs move a great speed from NW to SE. The 
    whole event last about 5 minutes. He insisted they were not an airplane. He 
    called me to see if I could see anything from Acton. But I could not.
    Did anyone on this list see this?
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