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Date: Thu Apr 28 2011 - 07:46:03 UTC

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    At the risk of getting significantly off-seesat-topic...
    Sultan Salman Abdulaziz Al-Saud was a Payload Specialist on STS-51G in 1985. At the time he was employed by Arabsat and was on-board because Arabsat-1B was deployed on that flight. This was a work trip by a professional astronaut.
    Toyohiro Akiyama flew to Mir and spent a week there making TV reports for his employers, the Tokyo Broadcasting System, who had paid $28 million for the opportunity. He suffered quite severe 'space sickness'and so did not carry as much of his planned activities as expected, which included some science experiments. This was certainly the first *commercial* astronaut flight, but since it was paid for by his employers, it cannot - in my opinion - be considered tourism. Maybe the first 'space business trip'?
    Denis Tito was the first individual to pay for a flight with personal funds, so making him - in my opinion - the first space tourist.
    Chris Welch
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