NASA ISS sightings (tables): errors?

Date: Thu Apr 21 2011 - 04:46:23 UTC

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    If I go here:,
    there is a panel on the left that is labeled "Quick and Easy Sightings by City" and by selecting country, state, city, it provides a table of current sighting opportunities for the ISS. But it seems to have some problems. If I compare listed passes against my own calculations and, there are a number of passes, even with max altitudes above 70 degrees, that are simply missing. In addition, for each pass the tables list approach and departure data with altitude and azimuth (as common compass bearing). But the altitudes in those columns frequently seem to be mixed up. Did anyone bother puzzle this out? Has anyone requested that the folks who maintain that NASA web site look into the problem? Has it been like this for years? Or is it not a problem, and I am somehow misinterpreting the data?
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