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From: Thierry Legault (
Date: Tue Apr 19 2011 - 20:54:34 UTC

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    hello, many things can make dark spots passing in 
    front of the Sun: planes, birds, bats, big 
    insects, pollen particles etc. To record 
    satellites, this image shall show the solar 
    granulation, and this is not the case. These 
    spots are too big to be satellites (all the more 
    that having two big satellites simultaneously in 
    front of the Sun is an event whose probability is 
    so low that it may happen only once in a million 
    years!), they are probably birds or bats. In 
    short, these spots are anything but satellites.
    At 14:13 14/04/2011, Ralf Vandebergh wrote:
    >  ---------------- Hi Thomas, I normally don’t 
    > do this, but in 2003 during the Mercury 
    > transit, I had the rare event to capture 2 
    > satellites transittingat the same time the sun. 
    > This is no dust or other artifact, also no 
    > sunspots. I have a video of it.but have to go 
    > back into the archive and upload it. I will let 
    > you know when the video is available.Here is an 
    > image showing Mercury and the 2 
    > satellites: 
    > Very obvious was the distortion of the small 
    > sat images in front of the sun caused by the 
    > bad seeing in the daily sun-heat,during the 
    > transit. In some parts of the traject, 
    > sometimes one of the 2 satellites even blew up 
    > until almost invisibility! Best regards,Ralf Vandebergh
    Thierry Legault
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