Date: Sun Apr 17 2011 - 19:37:35 UTC

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    Mike, congratulations on the success!
    Unfortunately I failed to find it last night. Yesterday evening sky in my
    town was cleared of clouds and I decided to find the USA 229 (NROL-34)
    using the preliminary TLE set provided by Ted. Object search was conducted
    through the binoculars with the limit of 8m, taking into account the
    moonlight pollution. I scanning the area from the Gemini to Canis Minor,
    during 5-6 minutes before and after the estimated time of 18:02 UTC, but I
    could't see anything like USA 229 (NROL-34) pair. As it turned out the USA
    229 pass actually was four minutes after terminating my efforts. I don't
    lucky indeed.
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