NROL-34 not seen last night

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sat Apr 16 2011 - 21:53:51 UTC

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    Mike McCants called me last night and gave me 
    estimated data for two passes.  The first pass
    was afflicted by very poor sky conditions in 
    which the seven Big Dipper stars were not 
    visible without binoculars, and I could not 
    see any other stars in the general vicinity
    other than Cor Caroli.  I looked at least two 
    (maybe three) minutes early and five minutes 
    late but did not see any satellites.  However 
    that could have been the poor sky.  On the 
    second pass the sky was not so bad and the 
    pass was estimated to go near some easy stars 
    in Canis Minor.  I had intended to look 
    earlier this time but it turned out that again 
    I looked at least two minutes early to four 
    (maybe five) minutes late with 8x42 but did 
    not see any satellites.  I would have kept 
    watching a few more minutes but was politely 
    run off from the location by local law 
    enforcement, since the park officially had 
    closed at 10 PM.
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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