Re: Links to Sun crossing sat images/movies?

Date: Sat Apr 16 2011 - 11:53:09 UTC

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    Thomas, I have taken a passage of the HST in front of the Sun in December 2007 from Florida:
    The HST is visible on 4 images of the series and the trajectory is consistent with the calculations of Calsky.
    Few satellites have this size, furthermore satellites that are not in low orbit, for example geostationary ones, cannot be photographed in front of the Sun because their angular size is much too low (the geostationary satellites are smaller than 0.05 arcsec).
    At 16:04 13/04/2011, Thomas Ashcraft wrote:
    Other than ISS and shuttle Sun crossing imaging, I am unable to find 
    links to images and movies of smaller Sun crossing sats.
    Any links appreciated and I am thanking you in advance.
    Thomas Ashcraft /  New Mexico
    ashcraft (at)
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    Thierry Legault
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