OT: Fist Orbit Film

From: Robert Holdsworth (robbonz1@xtra.co.nz)
Date: Wed Apr 13 2011 - 09:04:49 UTC

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    Have listed this as OT as it is not about direct satellite observation 
    (apart from the part towards the end) but I suspect it will be of interest 
    to anyone on the list who has not already caught up with the information on 
    the film!
    A film has been released documenting Yuri Gagarin's first orbit.  This can 
    be downloaded from http://www.firstorbit.org/   I had the good fortune to be 
    at probably one of the first showings in the world, though for reasons I 
    won't go into here I didn't see much of it before I decided I would download 
    it once it went online and watch it later.
    We also had the privilege of receiving a video message from the Commander of 
    the ISS addressed directly to the New Zealand audience, I believe this was 
    probably recorded but if this was the case it was just coincidental that the 
    ISS happened to be flying between Australia and New Zealand at around the 
    time (though a very low elevation from our location and would not have been 
    visible for that reason even if we had been outside and not inside!)
    There are other developments which it is probably not appropriate to go into 
    here but I am pleased to say that interest in spaceflight is alive and well 
    and growing in New Zealand and credit must be given to the local 
    observatories for their part in this. I have been doing quite a bit of work 
    through these contacts and social media to raise awareness of the potential 
    for observation and I think this is bearing some fruit.  The new 
    developments may give even more and better opportunities to foster interest 
    in spaceflight and other space matters.
    To get back on topic, while waiting for the event there happened to be an 
    Iridium flare due, however it was only predicted to be mag 0.3 and  my 
    attempt failed to impress the official who was guiding people to the event 
    and a family having a picnic in the dark before they went  in as we didn't 
    see the flare- it was a lovely clear night though there was a small amount 
    of light pollution but it isn't too bad at the location.
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
    (but above events were in Kelburn, Wellington on the evening of the 12th 
    NZDT- morning of the 12th UTC.) 
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