A person and a Robot seen from Earth!

From: Ralf Vandebergh (ralf.vandebergh@home.nl)
Date: Tue Apr 12 2011 - 13:14:30 UTC

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    Subject: A person and a Robot seen from Earth!
    Special for todays 50 years Human in Space; A PERSON & A ROBOT seen from Earth. Since Yuri Gagarin, we have accomplished quite something. An even more Human-like robot was brought with to the ISS, but this one is inside (Robonaut).
    This result is one of my best resolution ISS images so far. The image shows also resolved detail within Robot Dextre and the ELC elements. Dextre (SPDM) is here still visible at its old location, before it was grappled by the Canadarm-2 later, see the other image sent today.
    Ralf Vandebergh
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