Re: favorable USA-129-KH perihelium pass

From: Ralf Vandebergh (
Date: Fri Apr 08 2011 - 20:30:59 UTC

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    It flared brightly in the North at around 60 degress, some seconds after my imaging session ended.(the system only reaches a certain part of the sky) Apparent speed was high but relative highbrightness enabled to capture it well. Ralf  Op 8-4-2011 22:16, Ralf Vandebergh schreef:
    > Just captured USA-129- KH again close to 300 km distance (mag. 2.7).
    Very nice pass indeed, just watched it, fast transit through zenith.
    - Marco
    Dr Marco Langbroek  -  SatTrackCam Leiden, the Netherlands.
    Cospar 4353 (Leiden):   52.15412 N, 4.49081 E (WGS84), +0 m ASL
    Cospar 4354 (De Wilck): 52.11685 N, 4.56016 E (WGS84), -2 m ASL
    Station (b)log:
    From: Ralf Vandebergh 
    Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 10:16 PM
    Subject: favorable USA-129-KH perihelium pass 
    Just captured USA-129- KH again close to 300 km distance (mag. 2.7). Comparable pass with one from several months ago. I still have to process
    the images of the earlier pass. Now I will process the images of both passes together and make one project of it. It will be interesting to
    compare both high-res results.
    Hope to present them soon, but can’t promise when exactly. I have to process many images yet. The delay was caused after my previous system 
    crashed and I had to find a new solution for firewire transmission (found in external device).
    Best regards,
    Ralf Vandebergh
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