Re: STS-134 postponed to April 29

Date: Mon Apr 04 2011 - 15:16:35 UTC

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    STS-134  Endeavour's launch has been postponed, to 29 April, 19:47  UTC:
    This  is good news for western Europe, who will get a twilight pass of the 
    Shuttle  and jettisoned External Tank 20 minutes later.
    Let's hope that no more  delays will develop and weather cooperates...  
    And it's bad news for the US East Coast which would have had visibility  of
    the launch coincide with sunset, which would have given a view of the  
    entire "stack" illuminated
    by sunlight en route to orbit.  This had only happened one other time  . . 
    . in Sept. 1991 . . . and
    it was spectacular; from Long Island, New York I could see MECO appear as a 
     "puff" of vapor,
    followed by the separation of the orbiter and external tank, clearly  
    visible in binoculars.  I really
    was hoping to see this one last time before the shuttle program  ended.  
    Oh well . . . 
    -- joe rao
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