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From: Ralf Vandebergh (ralf.vandebergh@home.nl)
Date: Mon Apr 19 2010 - 12:10:34 UTC

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    For your orientation-problems, I have posted a small version which probably helps.
    No reason why this would be no detail:
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      hi Ralfn,
      looks impressive at first sight. However, as I told you before,
      for most of your previous shots of ISS there are things that I
      can't explain or relate to existing details, especially all the
      irregularities and bright dots that appear here and there.
      For example, there is no reason why the left edge of the
      payload bay would not look straight and even.
      Almost 20 years of imaging of all celestial objects
      make me do think to noise, perhaps amplified or
      transformed by processing into something that
      look like details.
      So, to decide, I would really like to:
      - know if this is one shot or a combination of several ones
      - see the raw image(s)
      - know the exact processing that has been applied:
      sharpening/smoothing/enlargement etc.
      thank you Ralf!
      Thierry Legault
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