Re: brilliant satellite flashes

From: Francisco Ocaña (
Date: Thu Apr 15 2010 - 10:14:42 UTC

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    I have compilated many satellite flashes with a 60x40º FOV camera at 
    Complutense University of Madrid. They are still unmeasured, but I can 
    do the astrometry if someone is interested in these kind of 
    observations. We sent many observations of Iridium 33 debris and other 
    satellites to Simone Corbellini and he had some success with his 
    As Stefano says, I don´t know if these observations are worth, but they 
    are available for anyone who needs them.
    Paco Ocaña
    Stefano Sposetti escribió:
    > Hallo,
    > I'm not an expert of orbital elements and I don't observe satellites very often.
    > I placed here
    > a text file with identified satellite flashes (brilliant than about +1mag) 
    > recorded with my all-sky camera in 2009.
    > I don't know if these informations are worth.
    > Best regards,
    > S. Sposetti
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