Re: Any images/movies of sun crossers? ( Other than ISS-shuttle)

From: George Roberts (
Date: Tue Apr 06 2010 - 15:01:05 UTC

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    What happened to John Locker?  He used to contribute weekly to this email list. 
    He used to photograph sun crossers all the time.  His website seems to be gone 
    I agree that you might want a filter that lets more light through but to get 
    greater contrast between the satellite and the sun all you have to do is use a 
    slower exposure.  That way the sun will be whiter and the satellite will still 
    be black.  However this might blur the image.  Also a hydrogen alpha I assume 
    shows more detail/interesting patterns on the surface of the sun which might 
    tend to slightly camouflage something crossing the sun.
    - George Roberts
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    Subject: Any images/movies of sun crossers? ( Other than ISS-shuttle)
    >I have been attempting to observe sun crossers using video and have not
    > had much luck so far. I think this is due to the type of telescope I am
    > using which is filtered for hydrogen-alpha which makes a grayish colored
    > solar disk. I think I need a white light filter for better contrast. In
    > any case, I am recording the sun full time so I can keep trying to
    > capture these particular sat passes.
    > In the meantime I cannot find any sun crosser observations other than
    > ISS or shuttle images.  Can anyone point to references on sun crossers
    > and are there images or movies anywhere?
    > Thank you in advance.
    > Thomas
    > Thomas Ashcraft
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