Re: Chinese NOSS?

From: Igor Lissov (
Date: Thu Apr 01 2010 - 15:40:27 UTC

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    > On March 5 at 0455 UTC a Chinese satellite launch occured at Jiuquan.
    > As of today, two objects are reported by US Space Com with typical
    > NOSS orbits (63.4 deg, 1100 km). As US Space Com is extremly slow
    > in releasing elements, I would propose visual observing of objects
    > 36413 and 36414 just to correctly count them.
    Object 36414 started to rise her orbit on March 31 and I expect
    in a couple of days the three satellites will form a close group
    with 36413 and 36415 in plane and 36414 some 0.9 to the east
    of these. May be interesting to observe.
    Igor Lissov
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