34603 decaying

From: Robert Holdsworth (robbonz1@xtra.co.nz)
Date: Thu Apr 30 2009 - 23:32:00 UTC

Looks as if this could be yet another case of "nearly but not quite" for us.
34603 which is the rocket from the GOCE launch is close to decay.
At one stage decay near here at around 0650 UTC (1850 local) was looking likely: at present the chances of this appear to be somewhat lower though we are are only within one orbit after likely decay.
Obviously I will be on standby unless it later becomes obvious that this is no longer necessary.
Weather conditions are likely to be cloudy, though if there is anything left up there with a near overhead pass close to the atmosphere we might see something anyway!
Any sighting will be reported urgently though this may not be immediate owing to my commitments. With a 96 degree inclination and an overhead pass an event could be visible from anywhere in New Zealand.
New Zealand

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