Re: heavensat and lacrosse2

From: George Roberts (
Date: Thu Apr 30 2009 - 19:03:30 UTC

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    > Now have the right equipment, canon 20 d, 60 mm macro and remote shutter 
    > release. I wish to experiment.
    You probably want the highest ASA settign possible - ISO 3200.  Also the widest 
    F/stop possible.  Shutter speed should probably be short for fast moving 
    satellites - maybe 2-10 seconds.  For slow moving satellites you can go up to 15 
    seconds unguided.  Longer than that and the stars will trail too much.  For 
    guided shots I prefer multiple 30 second exposures stacked using software suck 
    as registax or other better programs (that aren't free).
    - George (not greg!) Roberts
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