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From: Bjoern Gimle@GlocalNet (Gimle@GlocalNet)
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 20:00:10 UTC

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    I am sad to report that I failed twice to confirm my observation.
    Saturday at Malma the sky was excellent at the first pass,
    but on the second pass it was hazy, and the scope dewed up.
    Monday I used the club's 12" at 50x in town, but the sky background
    made the mag limit +10 at most, and furthermore, despite
    good alignment I didn't recognize the stars at the GOTO position,
    spent some time searching around it, and may have missed it for
    either of these reasons.
    My search orbit is sufficiently close to the one below to rule out that as a failure
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    From: "Ted Molczan"
    I overlooked Björn Gimle's recent recovery after nearly 2 years, of one of the
    small ELINT payloads that piggy-backed into orbit on a KH-9:
    Mike McCants produced the following elements. Additional observations are
    required to firm up the orbit; the object typically is faint, around mag 9-10.
    KH 9-18 ELINT                                          1283 X 1285 km
    1 14139U 83060C   09108.87382061  .00000009  00000-0  32712-4 0    09
    2 14139  96.6558 212.7533 0001784 147.4035 212.5964 12.93743139    07
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