Re: What's the Record??

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 06:25:49 UTC

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    Morning again..
    Thanks for the picture. As you say plenty of trails -- has me a bit puzzled at 
    the moment... Messier 104 is a little bit away from the geobelt ( Messier 104 
    dec  ~ -11 degrees) so any geos seen would have to have some inclination which 
    would give satellite trails at different angles- all yours are at the same angle 
    so that tends to rule out most of them-if not all - as being geosats.
    But the possibility of them being due to dead/hot pixels doesnt exactly fit 
    because these are fixed in the image and will not trail - althoughly possibly 
    you stacked several images on stellar objects so with a bit of drift in your 
    images the stars would register as stellar points and the dead pixels will trail 
    as a result of drift from image to image...
    Ill have a closer look at the image just now and see what geosats were in the 
    area but I think I can safely say you are not going to get many geosats...
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    > Well I already did check.. I tried to ID them and label them..
    > It was apparent immediately that they are not satellites, since there was
    > not that many satellites in the area, though I wasn't on the EXACT
    > location.. Which was M104 at 7h UT last night.. 4/19/2009 7h UT.. FOV was
    > LARGE.. 6 degrees or more..
    > Hot Pixels was my thought..
    > Derek
    > Picture sent in separate email, in case they turn out to be satellites..
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