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From: Paul Bridges (
Date: Sun Apr 19 2009 - 22:04:57 UTC

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    Those sound similar to objects sighted during the "Belgian UFO Wave".
    Can you say if it appeared similar to a hoax in Morristown, NJ, USA?...
    Paul B.
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    Subject: Satellites (?) to identify
    Dear all,
    I have just registered to the list, upon the advice of a Belgian specialist in satellites, A. Pouplier, to submit a strange observation I did at home last February and for which I have so far been unable to find an explanation - except that it is probably satellites that I saw. I hope that with the knowledge and experience accumulated in  this group, some of you might recognize what I saw.
    Let me first briefly introduce myself. I have been an amateur astronomer practically for all my life - having to bear with Belgium's terribly overcast skies. I am not a specialist in satellites, though I observe some of them occasionally.
    Now my observation.
    Location : Dion-le-Mont, Belgium, 50 41' 50 " N, 4 40' E.
    Time : February 14, 2009, between 23.00 and 24.00 UT.
    Taking a look at the sky in the direction of Sirius, I saw two very bright orange points (brighter than Sirius).
    I soon realized that these two points were moving in the same direction, southwards, but very slowly. It took them about 10 minutes to almost reach Alphard (a distance of  40), but then they both disappeared after gradually fading. They were separated by about 4, but that distance slightly varied in the meantime (sometimes closer, sometimes farther).
    They had hardly disappeared when I saw that three new similar bright orange points had appeared, also near Sirius (I must say that my view  west of Sirius was blocked by trees). They made some kind of a right triangle, smaller side  4, larger side  6. Like the preceding two, these three points moved together southwards, at a similar speed, and disappeared near the same location after gradually fading.
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