RE: BY Obs 4-10-09

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Fri Apr 10 2009 - 16:02:07 UTC

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    Brad Young wrote:
    > ... Point not great on USA 129 becuase it 
    > was so dim, but it appeared to be 59s late.
    > 24680 96 072A   8336 B 20090410031920780 17 25 0545731+554444 48 S
    It seems possible that you followed 77024B / 9904, which nearly duplicated a
    portion of USA 129's track, but almost exactly one minute later.
    Current elements place the object between a likely pair of reference stars at
    the time of your observation, not far from the pair that you used in your
    reduction. Applying your observation to what I believe is the correct star pair,
    09904 77 024B   8336 G 20090410031920780 17 25 0541842+563095 28 S
    Agreement between observation and prediction is ~0.2 s time, and 0.06 deg track.
    Another possibility is that you observed the correct object, but entered the
    wrong time into ObsReduce; subtracting one minute from your reported time places
    USA 129 near some possible reference stars, but the match to your observation is
    not as good as I found with 77024B; the time difference would be ~1 s, and track
    would be off ~0.14 deg.
    Ted Molczan
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