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Date: Thu Apr 09 2009 - 07:32:56 UTC

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    Morning Derek
    There is no problem in converting just about any of the major formats into FITS 
    format but in the case of the video images I have, including some from you, the 
    largest image pixel value is 255 even if I save the video image as a 16 or 32 
    bit image
    FITS image.
    The reduction program refuses to display the image and apparently expects an 
    image with a  largest pixel value of  65535.
    So this is the first complication.... I will investigate further but unless the 
    video image can be saved with 65535 "grey" levels instead of the normal "255" 
    there is a problem. Maybe somewhere in the program configuration file one may be 
    able to change this but first examination does not show any obvious place to 
    I will dig up Davids article and see if that sheds more light on the subject.
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    > Unfortunately the program only works with FITS images so the use of
    >    a video camera possibly producing FITS images has not yet been
    >    investigated by me.
    > Video can be turned into fits images quite easily... See the Video
    > Astrometry Guide from Dave Herald..
    > Derek
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