Re: 1954 Satellite Tracking System

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Apr 01 2009 - 15:47:03 UTC

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    Okay the tiny url one works.
     I see its not the telescope he discovered Pluto with but 
    one he developed in later years when he was involved 
    with the White Sands Testing ground and tracking 
    launches. I have no info on this. Looks like around about
    a 12-inch primary so was probably an 8-inch schmidt.
    Scratching my bald head I recall now that he was involved in 
    a search for natural satellites of the earth-now that I recall
    that  this is the publication I have but I dont recall seeing a
    picture of the telescope used but there were some sample
    images taken. 
    Talking about searches for natural earth satellites brings up
    a chap called Bagby who claimed to have found some. He
    provided orbital elements- which I tried out- but saw nothing.
    I think its now generally accepted that it was all a bit of
    I have no idea where this publication is at the moment but
    Im sure I still have it -recall it had a mathematical expression
    in it to calculate the angular velocity of an object in earth
    orbit. Was about 50-70 pages long. Ill keep an eye open for it
    over the next few days -one or two places where it might be
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