Re: 1954 Satellite Tracking System

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Apr 01 2009 - 15:29:07 UTC

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    The first link did not work but from what I recall about the search for a planet 
    beyond Neptune a 13 inch astrographic refractor was used on a standard 
    equatorial mount.  I have a document somewhere about this search and it was 
    possible to mechanically change the drive rate of the telescope in RA and Dec to 
    match a body moving at a particular angular velocity.
    In the second article they mention a schmidt telescope - this doesnt ring a 
    bell. Of course my memory re this might be a little out :-((
    Tday this can be done much easier under computer control and using such things 
    as stepper motors so I dont think it would be really worth while trying to copy 
    the situation at Lowell Observatory.
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