Re: Potential Problems with Meade Software for Satellite Tracking

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Date: Tue Mar 31 2009 - 20:40:59 UTC

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    Thanks, but it was badly worded by me!
    All Autostar firmware versions allowed these uploads.
    But satellite TLEs are useless there, since the predicted tracks
    usually run 1-5 degrees beside the track other programs (correctly) predict.
    I didn't notice large errors in timing, but TLEs are usually less exact
    along-track anyway, and the Meade software has the useful property
    to wait on the AOS point until you acknowledge the satellite passing.
    If the track computations were correct, (and compensated for Earth
    rotation while waiting,) most errors in drag compensation would be
    BTW it is very inconvenient that the PC-firmware interface
    (and ASCOM applications) cannot be tested without attaching
    the entire mount (less the OTA)
    I have an LXD-55 SN-8" and 4.1Ec
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    Not sure which telescope model you have Bjorn, but does not the Autostar
    Update software provided with you scope still allow for the uploading of
    elements to the handset? The version I have for my ETX-70 (v4.3) allows for
    updating satellites, comets, asteroids ect.
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