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Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 21:04:10 UTC

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    Over the past fifty-plus years I've accumulated a huge hoard of
    interesting books, papers, and periodicals, on topics ranging from
    dinosaurs and paleontology to astronomy and space, to mathematics and
    the hard sciences, to comic books, strips and fanzines, to science
    fiction and philately, among others(!). These items have clogged my
    garage and office for years, and as I enter retirement, it is time for
    some major housecleaning. Ninety percent or more of my
    library—literally hundreds of big boxes of stuff—will be going on the
    block over the next few years.
    Every week I will devote a few hours to picking things out of my
    library that I find I can live without, and listing them for sale on
    eBay. Anything that's in junky condition or deteriorated in storage I
    will simply discard; only neat stuff in nice condition will appear for
    sale. Most lots will start at a mere 99 cents plus a $3.15 Media Mail
    shipping charge–more for collectibles or items/lots too heavy or bulky
    to ship for $3.15, or stuff to be sent to foreign destinations.
    To make it easy to find my stuff, I'll make sure the letters "DGLib"
    (for Dinogeorge's Library) will appear in the heading of every lot.
    That way you can simply set an eBay search to look for "DGLib" to find
    everything unsold I have to offer. I'm well known for the depth of my
    library, so you may find stuff here that you've never been able to
    find anywhere else. Be sure to look in every week.
    The first 23 lots, now up, include a complete run of the Japanese
    periodicals Dino Frontline and Dino Press in pristine condition (but
    not starting at 99 cents!). Not much up yet--just a couple of Space
    Log issues--of interest for this group, but do check in from time to
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