Re: OT: ID sought for unidentirifed fallen object

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 17:47:45 UTC

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    Thanks for those who replied with interesting and useful information which 
    indicate this was way off topic but will hopefully go a long way to 
    identifying it!
    My pick is that Bob's guess of the last letters of "Wolseley" is the most 
    likely one.
    I have passed it on to the police suggesting some possible sources who could 
    identify this further.
    At this stage I do not know if the railway suggestion if feasible or not, 
    but will look into it.
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    Subject: ID sought for unidentirifed fallen object
    > On Wednesday 16 April at 1700 local  (0500 UTC) an unidentified object 
    > fell through the roof of a house in Whakatu in the Hawkes Bay province of 
    > New Zealand.
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