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From: Brad Young (
Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 17:48:09 UTC

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    Bjorn wrote:
    > Of course the convention is not to count EVERY OTHER flash, though this 
    > comes close to reality for cylindrical bodies.
    I am still pretty confused about what constitutes the reported period. It seems previous reports (including previous ones by me) only counted the major flashes. With other objects (I guess where the period has not been determined) reports seem to include all flashes or combinations such as AFA patterns. So what is the convention?
    > We should analyze the repeating patterns, and REPORT the time between 
    > CORRESPONDING flashes, and the number of complete cycles observed.
    That's what I did (I thought)...
    > Please send me some complete measurement series, and I will show you a few 
    > samples.
    I'm sure there is plenty of analysis that could be done, including Bjorn's suggestions I did not quote, but I don't choose to take the time to hit the stopwatch button on every flash for such a regular flasher. My watch has 199 timings available, so, using that night as an example, I would've maxed out at 3 objects seen (I was actually able to enjoy over 30).
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