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From: Brad Young (
Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 16:29:28 UTC

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    Mike said:
    >Many blanks (not all) are the character "a0" and the line breaks are in
    strange places.
    >This started some days ago?
    Tony said:
    >Brad your posts are coming through without anh ;inefeeds .destroys the IOD
    formatting >completely
    And much of those emails were "messy" - especially when quoting mine.
    First part of test is using work email - is this better? I have fiddled with
    settings on Yahoo again (all recent posting have been from home or road on
    Yahoo). Just moved offices and got a new ISP so this is a good time to test
    this new setup also.
    Fake reports below:
    Fake classfd.tle:
    08-591 A 08-04-20 01:41:10 BY 161.0 0.1 161 1.000 F -1->inv 1X
    Fake PPAS:
    90081 08 591A   8336 E 20080421170000000 17 25 2133834+255347 37 R-010 10
    UNID 90081 seen to flash to -1 every second alternating bluish-green to red.
    Also noted humming sound that grew higher in frequency while satellite was
    low, then deepened in pitch after culmination.
    Brad Young
    TULSA 1
    COSPAR 8336
    36.1397N, 95.9838W, 205m ASL
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