ID sought for unidentirifed fallen object

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Sun Apr 20 2008 - 10:29:35 UTC

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    On Wednesday 16 April at 1700 local  (0500 UTC) an unidentified object fell 
    through the roof of a house in Whakatu in the Hawkes Bay province of New 
    I did not report this to the list at the time as it was at first believed to 
    be part of an aircraft, but this has now been discounted.
    The object has the word SELEY (assuming it is in English script!) on it and 
    is illustrated here:
    A more recent article is here:
    Whakatu's location is 39.6 South, 176.883 East.  (Note to avoid confusion: 
    there is another locality with this name but this is the correct location 
    for the one in question.)
    No catalogued object appears to have been sufficiently close to decay at the 
    time of this incident, but it does appear to be conceivable that some small 
    unidentified USA193 debris could have been overhead at that time.
    I doubt if the object is in fact space junk but if anyone has any 
    information which may lead to identification please email me direct.    If 
    it appears to be of sufficient importance I will pass it on to the Hawkes 
    Bay police.   It appears that it may be advisable for me to suggest to them 
    that they check with US Space Command, (and one hopes the object was checked 
    over, including with a geiger counter, before handling!)
    New Zealand
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