Re: video of Unid flashing sat

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu Apr 17 2008 - 22:57:18 UTC

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    --- Woodchuk <> wrote:
    > Kevin
    > I used Toronto as a location and found a Sat passing fairly close. One minute late 
    > and 13' offline but of coarse will change with your exact location.
    > Crres Deb (Canister) # 21590
    Larry thanks for for checking
    I had noticed that sat, but it's late and off track, to be my unid. Using a couple of recent tle's
    for it, it's path doesn't change enough over time, to pass where my unid did. So at this time I
    can't see it being my unid.
    I had tried to measure positions, but something is wrong with the values. It was giving positions
    will a negative declination that was decreasing over time, when the sat was increasing in negative
    declination over time, as it was south of the equator and heading south towards the horizon. Will
    have to try again at measuring the sat's position.
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