Re: NROL-28 launch

From: Igor Lissov (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2008 - 09:04:44 UTC

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    > USA-137 is also synchronised with USA-184, the previous SIGINT launch. This
    > is because they both carry an Interim Polar EHF Communications package. It
    > is designed for two satellite operation and they reach polar apogee close
    > together in time but sufficiently separated to ensure 24 hour coverage. The
    > third package is scheduled to launch on the replacement for USA-137. After
    > that, the fully-designed Polar EHF system will come on line.
    According to
    and other sources including budget justifications for program element 063432F, 
    the first Interim Polar EHF payload was launched in November 1997. 
    So it should be onboard USA-136 / Trumpet (08 Nov 1997) and not onboard 
    USA-137 / SDS-C (29 Jan 1998).
    Igor Lissov
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