bright flare ?cosmos 1408

From: Michael & Caroline Rice (
Date: Sat Apr 05 2008 - 22:09:16 UTC

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    Good morning,
    2 days ago my 11yo son spotted a bright flare, presumably a satellite, and
    wonders what it was.
    Location was 27.8997°S, 153.0213°E (south of Brisbane, Queensland,
    Time was about 18:52 local (08:52 GMT/UTC) on Thursday evening 3-4-2008
    Azimuth close to due south, elevation high maybe 60-80 degrees
    Brightness ?negative magnitude: he insists it was far bigger & brighter than
    No idea on direction of travel - it caught him somewhat by surprise.
    Sounds like an Iridium flare as they're often at about this elevation but
    Heavens-Above doesn’t list one.
    Cosmos 1408 seems a likely candidate for that time and position.
    I managed to google up a report of a possible flare from this, in the seesat
    archives of 1998 ( and also this
    Anyone else have other ideas?
    Michael Rice
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