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Date: Sat Apr 05 2008 - 19:33:02 UTC

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    Hi All,
    Although I already posted earlier, I failed to introduce myself properly. My
    name is Judy, I live in Lohmar, Germany, and I make naked eye obs. No
    technical help, except Calsky/Heavens Above, a watch and a children's
    compass. About a year ago I run across a website about Iridium flares. It
    directed me to Heavens Above, and that was when I started to look for
    satellites myself. Lacrosse 3 was my first on March 3, 2007.
    Fast forward to today: What an evening! A window in the clouds opened, and I
    saw the ISS as predicted from 2050 until 2055, followed by a double feature
    show of Iridium 50 and 90 at aprox. 2059. Both Iridiums flared
    simultaneously, heading in the same easterly direction, only about 1.5
    °apart. Like the lights of a passing car! (With one headlamp slightly
    brighter than the other.)
    These are the times when I love to stand outside in the freezing cold.
    Clear skies to you all.
    approx. 7°16'15"E 50°53'55"N
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