Re: Jules Verne...........first light ...raw frame

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Apr 04 2008 - 11:11:14 UTC

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    Saw the complex this morning ours at 1718 UTC (not exact to the second) on a 
    high shadow entry.
    Pass commenced in clear sky, but then went into light cloud where the 
    complex was so initially bright that it created a small halo in the clouds 
    (a good mag -4 or more) then got lost in the clouds as it faded.  Imagine 
    what it is going to look like when they attach a shuttle!
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    Subject: RE: Jules Verne...........first light ...raw frame
    Good evening from a lurker in the south-west UK....
    I just sent this to John to confirm how good it was... I imaged the ISS on
    the same pass as John when it was just about to pass into eclipse to my
    The image is not that great, until you understand that it was a hand-held
    shot, taken with a Canon EOS-400 with a 55mm lens, 1600 ASA, F5.6, 0.6 sec
    exposure, and a small child trying to grab the camera at the same time! It's
    amazing what's possible!
    Andy Smith
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    Subject: Jules Verne...........first light ...raw frame
    Cloudy again tonight , but this time the gaps were in the right place.In
    fact the docked complex was so bright it was just visible through the cloud
    layer , making it a little easier to track.
    ATV was bright and clear ,
    Raw frame at
    Time of capture  19:43:08 GMT
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