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    For those who may be interested, here are some possibly
    new bibliographic items (at least some of them).
    Rogers, Lucy.  It's ONLY Rocket Science (Chapter 9 
    covers the topic of observing satellites.) --
    Same book on Springerlink --
    I don't think I've seen the next one listed here.  
    Proceedings of the Sixth US/Russian Space Surveillance
    Workshop, August 22-26, 2005.  
    The session titles are:
    SESSION 1. Space Surveillance Systems & Operations 
    SESSION 2. Orbital Debris
    SESSION 3. Space Surveillance A 
    SESSION 4. Atmospheric Density 
    SESSION 5. Orbit Determination 
    SESSION 6. Optical Systems and Observations 
    SESSION 7. Space Surveillance B
    SESSION 8. Deep Space 
    Each session included two to five presentations.  Many 
    of them appear to be on-topic for SeeSat-L (generally
    pretty advanced, no doubt).  Here's the link:
    A while back Allen Thomson provided a list from the 
    same site:
    I looked that up because I stumbled upon the following 
    addition to the list, as of February 2008:
    Here are more titles, all regarding geosats (with a 
    few highly eccentric ones included occasionally).  As
    Allen mentioned, Vladimir Agapov is involved in many 
    if not all of them:
    "Faint GEO objects search and orbital analysis" --
    "Joint RAS/PIMS/AIUB GEO survey results" (cooperative
    survey of satellites in the geostationary belt area) --
    "Results of GEO region artificial objects population 
    research and proposal for organization of cooperative 
    international GEO space debris monitoring" --
    "International scientific optical network for space 
    debris research" --
    "On orbital evolution of explosion fragments" --
    If you can read Russian, there are a lot more titles 
    on this page:
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    identification of the re-entered object found in 
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