Re: MAST : No Show

From: John Locker (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2007 - 03:49:34 EDT

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    Hi Ron,
    A thorough examination this morning of last night's recorded frames confirms 
    that MAST  did not appear. I thought that I might have missed something , 
    but , sadly thats not the case.
    A number of observers from across the US also report a "no show" based on 
    the present elements.
    So the question now is........Is it conceivable that GADGET might be imaged 
    ? If so what is the estimated magnitude ?
    I would imagine it could be in the region of  + 14 or so , in which case it 
    might be worth using longer exposure times  to
    get down to that level , provided conditions are right.
    Tonight , a change in tactic again....I'll try a 45 arc minute field of view 
    using simlar settings to those for geosat viewing which should get me down 
    to 14th magnitude.
    I suppose there's a slim chance that TED has been released and is still re 
    charging its batteries.......lets hope so.
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    >> I am using Starry Night to project the orbit of MAST based on Heavens 
    >> Above's TLE.  H-A pass is about 0508 UT (28 April 2007)
    > I attempted this pass using 7x50 binoculars and saw nothing from Falcon, 
    > CO
    > I can't provide an estimated limiting magnitude for seeing satellite.
    > Ron Lee
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