Help please : Marco???? ......Unknown flare 2025 gmt

From: John Locker (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2007 - 19:04:03 EDT

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    Here's hoping Marco may have seen this.
    Setting up for ISS tonight , clear sky but high haze to the south and west.
    I was rather distracted by a slow moving satellite rising from the south and
    transiting SSE / NNE.
    It looked to be in an orbit similar in height to Envisat and about 4th
    magnitude....however it grew rapidly in brightness
    and started to flare to at least mag 1 at an elevation of approx  75 degs
    Whilst all this was going on I managed to fire up the camera and get a bead
    on it.
    At that height and suspecting this was a small spacecraft I didnt expect to
    be able to see very much , however on looking at two consecutive frames
    the target has a distinctive shape to it.
    Cant find anything that matches on HA  or Calsky which would be of a 
    suitable size....which I estimate to be similar to the
    IGS birds.
    Any offers?
    Hastily prepared raw images at....
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