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Date: Sat Apr 14 2007 - 13:14:41 EDT

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    George Roberts wrote:
    > Hopefully this is a GUI bug only.
    Its actually a feature, but I don't have a link to where it's documented. :)
    The user interface is likely to be the lowest-priority thing for Windows
    to update. It may be possible to experiment with changing the priorities
    of the system and see if this has any impact.
    Right-mouse on your "My Computer" icon (Windows XP, 98). Go to the
    "Advanced" tab. You will see a section marked "Performance" with a
    button marked "Settings." Please click on that.
    A "Performance Options" window will appear, at least under XP (it's been
    a while for me for the older dialects of Windows). Please select the
    "Advanced" tab. The "Processor scheduling" section offers choices for
    "Background services," which I think the clock update counts as. This is
    the experiment. Please select that radio button.
    In the "Visual Effects" tab, there are some adjustments as well, but I
    think they're limited to the rendering of windows on the desktop. There
    might be something to gain by selecting "Adjust for best performance,"
    which turns off a lot of the decorations.
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