Extracting time from the internet

From: Brooke Clarke (brooke@pacific.net)
Date: Fri Apr 13 2007 - 21:44:23 EDT

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    Hi Dave:
    I highly recommend TAC32 to keep your PC on time.  It's based on the 1 PPS from 
    a GPS receiver and will update your PC either at a selected interval or 
    whenever it drifts a specified number of milliseconds from the correct time. 
    It's great when logging time so that the time stamps are right on.  Developed 
    by Tom Clark (no relation) for use at VLBI stations.  Makes polar plot of 
    satellites rise/set elevation angles and has a ton of features.
    Links to both the CNS commercial version and the for TAPR non-commercial or 
    personal use are on my web page: 
    Have Fun,
    Brooke Clarke
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